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How it Works

There is NO Checkout button on the website!

Please look for the Order Cut off Time.  All items in your cart at the time of the order cut-off will be automatically finalized and billed for, and will arrive on your scheduled delivery day.

This process although unique, allows us to place orders with our farmers leaving them just enough time to harvest and deliver their goods to us (just in time to deliver to you :)

We're currently delivering to Lititz, Manheim Township, East Hempfield Township, Mount Joy and the northern half of Lancaster City.

Click HERE to check if you live or work in our delivery zone.

No. We offer a la carte shopping with a $30 order minimum. However, you can always subscribe to a curated market box every other week and then shop a la carte on the alternate week!

We have a $30 order minimum for all deliveries. This minimum is after coupons have been applied and before deposits or delivery fees.

Delivery is FREE on all orders of $60 or more

Delivery is FREE for members 65+ years old

Delivery is $4.99 for orders under $60

We’re  currently delivering on Wednesday afternoons between 12-6pm.

Unfortunately, we are unable to take requests for specific delivery times.  However, there are ice packs in every box, so if you're not home to receive your market nox, not to worry :)

Are you a new member? It takes our team 1-2 days to review new sign ups and make our 65+ free delivery adjustments. 

If you wish to remove and item from your curated market box, all you do is press the orange "customize" button that shows up in your cart every week. A pop up window will appear with all the contents of that week's box.

You then can adjust the quantity of each item and you may double up on select items in that week's box. Theses changes can only be made once the marketplace in restocked Monday morning.

Yes, every week you’ll receive the “What’s in the box’ email detailing the contents of your weekly market box; and gently reminding you to visit the Marketplace to customize & finalize your weekly order

Our Market Boxes are by default on a subscription basis. However, If you're really curious, simply subscribe to your market box of choice, allow your order cut-off time to pass, then remove your subscription. 
To do this Navigate to 'My Account' and then navigate to 'Recurring Items'


the Food

Chef Diana primarily sources our produce from a group of trusted, small, local farms within 50 miles of Lancaster County.  These farms are either USDA Certified Organic or utilize organic growing practices but may not be certified. 

A few of our year-round produce items are sourced outside our local area (either in the winter months, or because those items don’t grow locally during any part of the year). These include citrus & avocados.

Some of our producers are certified organic, but some are not. We’ve decided to choose producers based on our own standards of locality and farming practices. The official organic certification is too costly for many of our producers, even though they abide by the same practices.

Our approach involves developing relationships with farmers and discussing their growing practices.

A lot of the produce we sell is grown using IPM (Integrated Pest Management). a low spray farming practice that focuses on cultivating biodiversity and beneficial bugs and rodents.

Watch for our 'Meet the Maker' video series... We plan to highlight and tell the story of the farmers & producers who make all of this possible.

Yes :) Chef Diana curates every Market Box with simple recipes in mind. 

Every week you'll receive recipes for your box ingredients and you'll have the opportunity to join Chef Diana virtually in the kitchen for livestream cookalongs.

Members can scan the QR code on recipe card in their market box to view all of the weekly recipes.  Additionally, the recipes are included in the ‘What’s In the Box’ email, which you will receive if you have an upcoming Market Box delivery scheduled.

**Please note, additional ingredients not included in your box may be required to complete some recipes.

It varies by variety. Please read the full description of any cheese you may be interested in to learn if it is made from raw or pasteurized milk.

Some Fresh, Some Frozen

Flash-freezing meat ensures it maintains its farm-fresh flavor and texture while preserving the essential nutrients.

If you receive a cut of fresh meat, you may choose to freeze it upon delivery or consume it within 3-5 days

Yes! Our produce is truly farm-fresh so you might notice a little dirt every now and then.. We always recommend giving your produce a good rinse under cold water right before you prepare it.

Small Market  (1-2 people) - Includes 6-8 seasonal produce items, rotating weekly.

Medium Market  (2-3 people) - Includes 8-10 seasonal produce items, rotating weekly.

Provisions Box (4+ people) - Includes 10-12 seasonal produce items, rotating weekly; a local cheese, a grain selection, a regional speciality item, one dozen eggs and a fresh herb bundle

In most cases, yes! Our Market Boxes are always plant-based and customizable.

Please keep in mind that our boxes are all packed in the same facility, so if you have a severe allergy to a particular item, we recommend you reach out to our team so we can best advise you and ensure your safety. 

Please email us at hello@lancasterlocalprovisions.com


Orders & Payment

You'll see your order cut off time at the top of your cart. It is 24 hours before your delivery window begins. 

If you have Wednesday delivery, then your cut -off time is 12pm, Noon on Tuesday.

Oh no, we’re so sorry about that! Please let us know ASAP and we’ll make it right. If an item is broken/spoiled/etc., please take a photo so we can inform the maker, farmer, and/or packing team.
Photos can be emailed to hello@lancasterlocalprovisions.com 

When you subscribe for your base market box you'll be asked to enter a credit or debit card. Your card will remain on file and you'll be billed 24 hours prior to any scheduled delivery.

Payment details are collected directly and exclusively stored by our secure, PCI compliant merchant service provider, Stripe. Daaamn Good LLC DBA Lancaster Local Provisions does not have access to your full credit card number, card expiration date, or CVV code.

To ensure the freshness of your provisions, we put an cold pack or two in each box we deliver. If you order meat or dairy we will put a second cold pack to prevent spoilage. 

You are charged a deposit fee to cover the cost of our very durable cold packs, and to encourage their return to us. All you need to do is leave your cold pack out for your driver to pick up on your next delivery! You then receive the credit on your account. 

We collect sanitize, and refreeze the cold pack for reuse!

We accept all of the major credit/debit cards.

**Unfortunately we cannot accept payment via cash or check.

You'll receive an email notification approx. 24 hours prior to delivery if your credit card declines. We'll make attempts to re-bill you prior to your delivery date.

Upon receiving our email please update your payment information asap to avoid any delay in the delivery of your order.



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